Featured Works

Like Tears In Rain: It Is All Still There
by Gage L Hanson

The Power of Stories
by Gage L Hanson
A Place to Call Home
By Gage L Hanson

About Me

Gage was born and raised in Idaho. He recently graduated from Boise State University with a degree in English and hopes to eventually find a life centered on writing.

He writes about anything from sports to why Mary Shelly is the greatest Romantic writer and anything in between. Seriously. He’ll write whatever you want.

He has works published in The Idaho Statesman, Vandalism, The Daily Utah Chronicle, and The Two-Minute Drill (A sports blog that he’s pretty sure he lost the rights to by now).

Currently he work at Target and spends his days helping the elderly figure out how to access their voicemails. He also covers sports for The Idaho Statesman part-time.